Saturday, November 30, 2013

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Simple Traffic Exchange 1.2

Key Features
- Add Upto 7 URLs per PC [Soon will upgrade to 10].
- Multiple browser Support (Unlike Jingling that only uses IE).
- 1:1 Ratio Auto Surfing.
- Geo-Targeting Available.
- Set Traffic Flow Limit as Per Your Needs.
- Custom Referrer URL Setting.
- Supports Adfly and Linkbucks.
- Websites are Instantly Approved, All Legal SFW and NSFW Sites allowed.
- Standalone, Don’t need to install or anything.
- Stable and Light Tool, Does not crashes or overloads PC.
- Is Free and Always will be!

- Browsing Error Fixed.
- Adding, Deleting and other URL actions re-coded. Doesn't hangs up or crashes now.
- Few more changes to the code and the software is a lot more stable now.
- Add upto 10 URLs now.
- Auto-Reload on Crash, if the software crashes it will automatically restart itself and resume the browsing.
- Now supports YouTube. Auto plays YouTube videos.

Update V1.2.0.0
- Now supports proxy, just in case you don't want to use your main ip.
- Some changes to backend, hits are now delivered way faster than before.
- Auto update, Checks for latest update everytime you run this app.
- Supports and Linkbucks.

Built Version 140406
- Minor Bugs Fixed.
- Improved Sent : Received Ratio. Only Online users will receive hits now.


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